Care Coordination & Management

At Tupelo, we believe that all individuals deserve high quality care. High quality care needs to be coordinated, straight forward, and cost effective. With Tupelo’s Care Coordination and Management Platform all these thing are a reality.

Our integrated care continuum connects patients and their families to their health care providers in a meaningful and impactful way. Patients are empowered to take ownership of their health, while health care providers are more effectively able to monitor and treat their patients.

The Care Coordination and Management Platform connects patient to provider in order to  support and enhance decision making resulting in improved quality of care, enhanced patient engagement and ownership, which leads to better health outcomes and decreased costs. This innovative approach leverages technology to enhance already established evidence-based practices for the prevention and management of acute and chronic issues.


Care Coordination and Management Platform consists of:

·         Access to real-time health data and information via easy to use portals for patients and health care providers

·         Mobile and in-home applications

·         Telehealth functionality (video chat with your doctor)

·         Connectivity to a wide array of wireless medical devices (Tupelo and third-party devices)

·         Secure data transfer and storage in a HIPPA compliant Private Cloud

·         Incentive enabled 

·         Actionable analytics geared towards increasing workflow and enhancing decision making

·         Outcome focused metrics