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At Tupelo, we stand behind our products. If you have any issues, questions, or feedback, just give us a call and one of our team members will figure out how we can solve your problem.  It's quick, easy, and hassle free.  

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You can get support between the hours of 8:00-17:00.  

UAE: +971 4 428 9478                India: +91 96 20 588493 

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Prefer to get support by e-mail? [email protected]


frequently asked questions 

Devices & Portals FAQ

How does mymo work? 

When mymo is clipped onto your core it is able to ‘feel’ when you are moving. It then tracks all your activity and translates that activity into steps. This data synchronizes either with your smart-phone or the app on your computer via a dongle. You are able to view the amount of steps you have done on the Tupelo Life smartphone app or on It shows the active minutes, steps, distance, and calories, in a 24 hour period, with minute by minute detail. 

What is the battery life of mymo? 

mymo works on an easily replaceable watch batter that typically last 4-6 months and is widely available in stores.  

How do I get the TupeloLife App? 

The TupeloLife app is available in the GooglePlay store for Android smartphones and in the App Store for iOS smartphones.  

What kind of a phone do I need for mymo? 

The TupeloLife App will only work if you have a smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0. Most newer Android and iOS smartphones have Bluetooth 4.0. For Apple, iPhone 4s and newer devices will work. For Android, most phones carrying version 4.3 onwards. A complete list of compatible devices is available here.

What if I don't have a smartphone? 

In addition to our Bluetooth mymo which works with a smartphone, we also offer an ANT+ version.  The ANT+ version can pair with certain Android tablets and with Windows PC's using an ANT+ dongle and the Tupelo ANT+ Gateway software. 

Where do I download the Tupelo ANT+ Gateway? 

Download Here.

Can I connect with friends and see what they are doing?

Yes you can! You can connect with friends on the portal and complete directly with your friends and see see daily leaderboards.

What do I do if I suspect that my mymo is not working?

Please either email us on [email protected] with your query or contact us on +971 04 4289478.

Wellness Programs FAQ

What does a typical wellness program include?

The core program includes mymo fitness trackers, access to the app and leaderboards, and weekly competitions. We also offer on-site wellness classes, health screenings, nutrition clinics, and communications packages.

How many people do I need for a Tupelo wellness program? 

Our programs vary in size from groups as small as 10 up to large programs in the 1000's, located on multiple continents.  Regardless of the size of your program, we can work with you to customize a program around the results you'd like your wellness program to achieve. 

We have specific needs. Can we have a bespoke program for our organization?  

Yes. Every program we do is customized to meet the needs of your company in order to make sure the programs create happier, more engaged, and healthier employees for your company. 

Does any reporting come alongside a Tupelo program?

Every program comes with regular reporting and progress updates so that you can understand the impact our wellness programs to the health and wellness of your employees.

Can family members join the wellness program? 

We have a variety of ways to structure our programs in which we can either focus exclusively on your employees or we can bring in friends and family into certain elements of the program as well. 

Some of our employees already have a tracker, can they use them? 

Yes. Our systems offer third-party fitness tracker integration so that the employees who already have a device can still participate in the programs.  

Is is possible to go beyond the the scope of a traditional wellness program and support CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives?

Absolutely. Tupelo was built from the ground up as a way for companies to make a difference in the lives of their employees and the lives of the greater community. We can incorporate CSR initiatives into short term challenges that result in direct donations to a specific NGO, or we can utilize program points systems where employees can donate their points to a cause of their choice. 

How long is the the typical wellness program? 

Effective programs range from 6 weeks (42Days) to up to 6 months. Contact one of our team members and we can help you figure out what the best option would be for your organisation. 

Have additional questions?  Give us a call or Email us.