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A virtual reality experience to manage and improve your health.



Virtual reality to manage & improve your health.

TupeloLife Introduces Health Explorer -
First Ever Virtual Reality Solution for Consumer Healthcare

Las Vegas, NV: January 6, 2016 – CES – TupeloLife releases the world’s first fully immersive virtual reality solution to manage your health.

TupeloLife has introduced Health Explorer, the first ever fully immersive, virtual reality solution used to manage consumer health. Using a state of the art VR system (VR One) by Ziess, Health Explorer brings together all health data — from activity to clinical records — into one central place, and creates interactive, health oriented, gaming content - based on each individual’s personalized health score. All data is stored in a HIPAA compliant platform, and can be seamlessly included in an electronic health record.

Health Explorer is a direct-to-consumer platform that includes a VR headset (VR One), the TupeloLife Smart Scale that measures 17 different body parameters, and the in-phone app on both iOS and Android. Both free and premium content are available, with programs ranging from meditation to exercise and nutrition regimens. Health Explorer retails for under $200 ($199), and is available for pre-order from January 3, 2016 at

By utilizing virtual reality, and offering people immersive, personal experiences, TupeloLife is bringing people face-to-face with their health. “When you show people what their decisions are doing to their body, now and in the long-term, they are more likely to make the right decisions needed to spend those extra days with their loved ones.” says Eric Hazzard, PhD and Life Sciences Director and Research Director for TupeloLife. “At the end of the day, I have two children, and if I get a genuine, daily reminder about what I need to be doing to make sure my time with them is maximized, I’ll do it.”

TupeloLife was founded in 2012, with a presence in United States (Texas), India (Bangalore), United Arab Emirates (Dubai) – setting a simple of goal of leveraging technology to make people healthier. “Our aim is to leverage technology to bring your health data to life,” says Martyn Molnar TupeloLife CEO. TupeloLife’s business model includes wellness programs for businesses and schools, chronic disease management for payers/insurers & providers, as well as, direct-to-consumer products, comprise of: smart scales, activity trackers, apps, and now a fully integrated bundled VR solution, Health Explorer. “We are already seeing significant interest around Health Explorer in both US and International Markets,” Molnar concluded.

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