What does mymo track?

mymo tracks your daily activity: including steps, distance, and calories burned.  It then  For clarification: mymo does not have a GPS, and does not track your location or where you go.

Will it work on my phone?

Andoid and iOS phones with Bluetooth 4.0.  Most newer have Bluetooth 4.0.

What does the red, amber and green light signify after shaking the mymo?

After shaking the mymo, you'll see 3 short blinks followed by a long single flash.  Red means your below your daily goal, amber is within 80%, and green means you reached your goal. The device goal changes based on your daily activity. 

Why does my data show that I have burned calories, when I don't have any steps?

The app automatically credits you with your base metabolic rate, which is the minimum amount of energy you'll burn every day. 

How long does the mymo battery last for? Do I have to charge my mymo?

The mymo battery lasts for about 4-6 months and runs on a simple, easily replacable watch battery.