activity tracker

Your mymo knows you and how you move, tracking your steps, distance, calories, and active minutes and then stores your progress in the cloud.  With the SmartTarget goal setting technology, mymo understands your movements and uses an algorithm to set your daily target in a way that stretches and motivates you to grow your level of fitness day after day.

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tupelo Life App

android & ios app

The TupeloLife app unlocks the potential of your mymo by showing you exactly how you are progressing towards your daily goals. It's easy, just shake your mymo and see the results of your days' effort show up on the TupeloLife app. You'll enjoy looking back at your smartphone screen and knowing which actions had the most impact on your goals.


Smart Scale

17 Parameter Body Composition Analyzer

TupeloLife's Smart Scale is the next generation of weighing scale, capable of measuring 17 different parameters related to your body composition. Data from the scale is seamlessly shared via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to the TupeloLife app and the cloud. Not only can you see all of your vital statistics from the convenience of your smartphone, but you can look back on your history and all your measurements and trends, making you smarter and more informed about your health.