Martyn Molnar - CEO & Co-Founder

"Experienced executive, business strategist,  & fearless leader. When he's not out making the world better through technology, you can find him at the beach teaching kids to surf."


Melvin Matthews - Founder

"Traveler, innovator & constant tinkerer.  Melvin's preferred working conditions are at 30,000 ft, where he's constantly coming up with new ideas that will cause you to say 'why didn't I think of that?'" 

sachin kumar

Sachin Kumar – Chief Technologist

“Tech Enthusiast, Creative and Innovation driven. Wakes up every morning thinking he has the Power to Change the World. Always has a driving force for creating something unique yet powerful.” 

christian becker

Rachel Sutherland - Sales & Marketing Manager

"Marketer, cultural explorer, & savvy traveler.  When she's studying what motivates people, listening to people's stories, or reading up on the latest trends, you can usually find her traveling the world & chasing snow storms with her skis."

rodel tancio

Rodel Tancio – Sr. Developer 

“Powered by code, a good breakfast, and the occasional late night beer, this triathlete is powering the development of Tupelo's wellness programs in the UAE."


Theodore Bharath - Director of Business Services, India

"A management professional, expert in spearheading strategic relationships, sales & marketing in India. He has a passion to explore challenging opportunities and is very adventurous."

Eric Hazzard

Eric Hazzard – Life Sciences and Research Director 

“PhD in Nutritional Biology, Evaluation savvy, now translating Data into Action, while playing guitar and board games; sees a world where are all empowered to live life to the fullest.”

hibba Amin

Hibba Amin – Client Engagement Representative 

“Travel enthusiast, culturally driven, amateur squash player and an avid tea drinker. Putting forth a positive image of Tupelo. Come say hi!"