Are our kids getting enough activity in Schools?

Tupelo's CEO Martyn Molnar was brought on to the Dubai Today radio show to look at how can we embrace the technology that is invading our children’s lives and use it positively to educate and generate awareness around Health and Activity.

Speaking with Ray, Martyn explained that kids today are falling alarmingly short of the necessary physical activity threshold that our kids should be getting in a given school day.  Based on research  that Tupelo has conducted in the US and UAE, he explained that children need to get at least 45 minutes of Moderate to Vigerous Physical Activity (MVPA) a day.  However, even the most active students in the UAE are getting less then 20 minutes of MVPA in a school day, and the vast majority is hovering closer to the one minute mark. 

Gustavo Ayres Netto, a nutrition expert at SportInLife Distribution shared about the important role that parents can play by leading by example and engaging their kids.  He advised parents to avoid technological distractions and focusing on social interaction at dinner time, in order to make "food an experience."   

Martyn went on the explain that Tupelo is working on programs to raise the MVPA in schools and encouraged schools to look at health the same way they look at maths and science: If kids are failing, you need to do something about it.  

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